Photo of Remo Cippa

About Remo

Hello, I'm Remo!  I started Got Doggies? because I've loved dogs all my life, and enjoy working with them. My friends frequently asked me to walk or board their dogs, and my business has grown up from there. 

Dogs have always been part of my family, and that's how I treat them – like family.

I'm originally from Switzerland, but when I moved to San Francisco in 1992, I knew I had found my home. 

I enjoy every moment I spend with dogs, especially their unique personalities and unconditional love for people.  I'm also a dog owner, and currently have one Chihuahua, Bibi, but have had up to four dogs at a time. 

I received my training from Urban Dogs and Cats, am certified in Pet CPR, and have served as a volunteer at the San Francisco SCPA

With fluency in four languages – English, French, Italian and Spanish – I can communicate with your dog in a familiar language. 


About Chito

Chito is the ambassador for Got Doggies?  He is extremely calm and patient, and loves to go along on walks and show other dogs his favorite spots. 

Chito enjoys playing and sleeping with our doggie guests when they stay over, and he'll show them around our beautifully landscaped backyard. Bibi is a neutered male Chihuahua, and is always current on all his shots. 

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